Camping during Covid-19

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Camping during Covid-19

Guide to camping during Covid-19…

 The world has been through a pandemic like no other experienced in our lifetime, as establishments closed, we were not far from being barricaded in our homes. The excitement for our summer holidays abroad slipped away as we were faced with facts and made the decision to save lives and stay at home.

 However, it’s not all doom and gloom… the staycation industry in the UK is booming as many of us head to campsites across the country to enjoy the long awaited 2020 camping season. Whilst we now have regained the opportunity to enjoy some of the privileges that were not too long ago against the law, it does come with some guidelines and rules. Don’t panic, we have put together some important tips to help you travel safely in England and still have a great time!

  • Keep your distance,

Remember - you’re on vacation, but the virus isn’t. Camping, glamping and caravanning alike give us the opportunity to get back in touch with nature as we switch off from work mode and power down the laptops. This is still possible, but we need to adhere to government guidelines. It remains the case, even inside someone’s home, we should socially distance from anyone not in the same household or bubble. The government have set detailed guidelines to explain how we go about the new normal and it is vital we stick to regulations in order to keep people safe and stop spreading the virus.

  • What are the guidelines for socialising with others?

Up to 6 people from different households can continue to meet in any outdoor space. A group of 2 households can meet, in any location and does not need to be the same household each time. You cannot stay overnight away from your home with members of more than 2 households. Interactions between others should be limited with people outside of the group you are attending a place with. Keep the number of people you see to a minimum. For the full list of guidelines, including meeting people you do not live with, check out the official government guidelines.

  • Campsites are not taking large group bookings

Many of our customers look forward to the camping season to meet up and spend time with extended family and friends. This year, you will have to enjoy your trip as a smaller group. It is currently against the law for groups of more than 30 to meet – however this doesn’t meet you can book several pitches together for say… 29 people.

Campsites can only re-open if they can follow government guidelines safely, many campsites have reduced the number of pitches to enable effective safe social distancing. In addition to this, they are also not accepting big group bookings. By conforming to the rules set out, we protect ourselves, others and help independent businesses keep going – sure there is a way to “accidently” end up in the same spot as all those you love, but please be responsible and know this isn’t forever and we are all in this together.  

  • Do your research

Just because campsites can re-open, not all of them have. If you have made a booking pre-Coronavirus, check the site is operating this season.

To reduce physical contact, many sites are going contactless for check in/out. Not so long ago, we recommended to take cash for the little things, but that was then and now cashless transactions are the preferred method where possible.  

Once you have made your booking, no matter how many times you have visited the site, be sure to check if they have any new processes or rules in place for your stay. Let your camping crew know the important information too and if you have little ones, explain what this means for them (click here if you need some advice on talking to your kids about covid-19).

Despite getting the greenlight, some facilities may not be open, such as swimming pools, parks, cafes, restaurants. If they are, it is likely to be operating differently, check with the site to find out what changes they have made.

Where possible, campsites are to assign separate shower/toilet facilities to each household group/bubble. However, where this is not possible, increased frequency of cleaning and slots for showering will implemented. Don’t hog the loo reading up on all the latest camping tech and be mindful of other travellers.

  • Campsite owners need your support

This has been a strange time for all of us but when your holiday begins, the hard work and efforts by the campsites are on-going. Please be sure to adhere to their policies, by keeping to new laws of the land we are not only protecting ourselves but others. In order for the remaining season to be a success campers and campsites need to co-operate accordingly. 

  • If you’re not well, re-arrange your trip

This isn’t the time to tell your partner he has the dreaded man-flu and to suck it up… if you are not well – stay at home and only leave your house to be tested. We know it’s not ideal, and you may have been looking forward to your trip for the longest time, but to stop spreading the virus it is vital you do not go anywhere if you are not well. Campsite owners will understand and appreciate you taking such precautions - in most circumstances they will allow you to rearrange your booking.

Sticking to the Government and campsite guidelines is crucial, we wish you a safe journey and thank you in advance for supporting UK campsites in these unprecedented times.

If you have any feedback or would like to share your experience, please get in touch  

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